Initial Research Ideas

My research is about……………….In today’s digital age is the rise of the point and shoot camera detrimental to the survival of classic photojournalism

Why I’m researching this…………….

In today’s day and age we find ourselves surrounded by technical equipment that allows us to capture images as and when we please, in the specific context of photojournalism the rise of digital technology has allowed the untrained photographer to take the complexity out of the image making process and allowed anyone with the necessary readily available tools such as a mobile phone or compact digital camera to capture images on the spot with ease. In today’s media the technological shift within photojournalist is clear, in newspapers and online we see articles everyday which are accompanied with images shot at the scene of the subject, taken by a passerby with the simple click of a button on a mobile phone or any other device.
Thinking more about these types of images I was drawn to see how people feel about this rise in simplistic image making , it is well documented that various people have many views on it and the effect it is having on photography as a profession.

How I intend to research this……….

I plan to use a wide range of resources for the research, mainly using articles and other media sources including past interviews, i plan to use media articles mostly because from my initial research this is where the biggest bulk of debate and theory behind this rise in technology is to be found. Other than relying on old source material i plan to get in contact with photographers who are for and against point and shoot technology using interviews as a way to gain first hand research material.


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