Using Premier Pro

Before setting out on making a video I had to decide what programs to use to edit, not having any experience in film making or editing moving image I was unsure of what program to use having no preference i decided to use Adobe Premier Pro my reasons for doing so were that because of it being an adobe program i could use it on multiple platforms be in windows of mac. Secondly i decided to use premier Pro on the knowledge that i have experience using Photoshop, Audition and Illustrator and know that it is simple to change the screen layout to a more recognisable program for myself.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 14.54.10

Above – Using My Own Footage

The screenshot above shows the screen i was presented with when loading up my own videos because of the way in which i had filmed, using only short clips i had already made it easy for myself to locate and use my own footage. By shooting no longer than 1 min clips i limited myself but gave my self an easy selection of 20 -30 short clips from which i would be able build a narrative from by separating all my clips into various categories such as Dowlais Gym, Run and Kerry’s House it was easy for me to import my own media.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 14.55.21

Above Using Archive Footage

From the outset of my idea i knew that i wanted to use archive footage this to me seemed very important as i felt the aspect of the towns history had to be shown through the story but i was aware that i may not be able to get the shots i wanted to represent the history of Merthyr therefor I had always planned to use archive footage. My two main uses of archive footage were for firstly, To find mining images and stills to me this was a massive aspect of the film as i believe it would be impossible to cover a story of a town such a Merthyr without covering the rich mining history.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 14.54.39

Above Archive Sports Footage

The second use of archive footage was that of sports footage, with Merthyr being home to World, European and British boxing champions i wanted to source footage fo these boxers to give a viewer an insight into who they were, aside from archiving such footage I also filmed statues and graves of the men but found once i began editing archive footage was more suitable.

Overall the process of teaching myself premier pro was relatively easy i feel i got to grips with the program, with a simple layout and ease with importing media and exporting i would confidently now say that i can use the program.


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