Final Frame & Video Mock Up

Below is a mock up of my final choice of image,when choosing images to frame and print I wanted to be sure that my photographs would have the right impact  coming away from my shoots with Kerry with over 300 images i was wary not to have prints that communicated the same details to the viewer. As all the images from the shoots were all lit portraits similarities were common between images i did not want to produce multiple images with many similarities, because of this i decided to use on image which i felt would be strong enough standing alone. Thinking more about the idea of a single image i decided to print and frame a single still. I have decided to print the image 1m by 73cm this will be life size, for me printing the image life size was key to choosing a single image as i felt the impact of one image of such a size would be more powerful and would allow the viewer to encounter Kerry in the most realistic way.

Kerry Frame Mock UpKerry Hope

110cm x 73cm

Below is a mock up the display I have chosen for my video, when choosing ways to display my video I had two main ideas in mind these were firstly via a computer or secondly via a projector. For two reasons I felt it would be better to display my video via a Computer screen, I feel that by using a computer I will increase the interaction between viewer and my piece, when my work is on show I want to encourage the viewer to use headphones and engage with my piece. Another reason for choosing a computer screen was the fact that i did not want a large projection that would appear bigger than the life size print, I feel that if I as to increase the screen size it would take away from the impact of the print. Overall the main reason for me producing a video was to show the side to kerry as a sportsman and the town in which he has been born and raised.



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