201MC Professional Experience

So on Sunday the lions took to the field for the Warwickshire cup final facing off against an in form Sutton Coldfield who also achieved an unbeaten season in the league below, the game started out in windy and wet conditions causing the game to be dominated with a lot of kicking, with Sutton Coldfield’s 9 points all coming from kicks the game proved to be one in which most of the time the ball could be found in the middle of the pitch being heavily contested by both sides with the score finishing 10-9 to the lions with one try from Rugby the game although tense finished on a high with the lions taking a league and cup double.

After a successful season for the club and a season of a new area of photography for me ive learnt  a lot and got to watch some great rugby whilst learning, so after an unbeaten league and cup double that’s my work at rugby done until next year

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On Saturday 21st April the Lions rounded of a perfect season ending the league on a high taking their last available win in their normal crushing way, apart from a ten minute spell from Hinckley the  Lions once again showed why they deserved to be at the top of the table along with there impressive stats, the game also saw Ade Hales beat the record for most tries scored in a season rounded of his league total with a clearly impressive 41 tries.

Ade Hales crossing the line for his 41st try of the season

Before the game Rugby welcomed a visiting italian youth team to play and watch the lions in action, also during the days celebrations, the Lions welcomed Jeff Probyn to speak at the lnch with a lion.

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After a very successful season, I was given a change of scenery as on Friday evening the Rugby Football Club hosted the end of season awards dinner, with the lions bagging 25 out of a possible 26 wins with one to play and with the presence of the squad, staff and British Lions such as John Bentley and Rugby Legend Willie John McBride the Rugby Lions capped off a great season and the start of their drive to higher climbs

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As a thank you the club gave me a short interview over the phone and asked me to sort my 5 favorite images from what i have shot so far this season, i was asked questions about my  life and why i am taking part as a photographer with the lions, having already played rugby i told them about my interest and combining a sport i like along with photography. Also i was asked about what i wanted to do in the future, for me i am still uncertain i still have a passion when it comes to documentary war photography but after being asked the now now i have this sports experience it has defiantly opened up new areas that had not occurred to me which i feel i would enjoy, in a way doing this short interview was good because it gave me a chance to reflect with someone from the club posing the questions. Above and below are the 5 images i put forward to the club.

So rugby took on Dudley Kingswinford in a match that promised much with Rugby still unbeaten with 3 matches to go against the second place team who looked ready to give rugby a challenge the final score ended 19-14 to the Lions with the win continuing their unbeaten run and securing promotion with two matches still to play below are a selection of photographs from the match

During the game I was approached by a member of staff and asked to take a photograph of members of the crowd taking part in a survey, also after the match Ben asked me to photograph him with his Under Armour gum shield on  show below are the two images

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