After Conducting My First Shoot I had to evaluate the task and look back at how the shoot had gone and how it has affected me and my outlook on this area of photography

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The images above are the final 4 that  have chosen to submit


When approaching this joint task I was apprehensive for many reasons I felt that as a task it was out of my comfort zone and was not sure of my ability in regards to lighting or fashion as a style in general, since the shoot taking place I have felt pleased with the result I have produced before the shoot I knew the style of shot I wanted to achieve which was to me lighting the scarf as I felt that was the most important part of the image and the subject of the shoot, on the shoot itself I found it a confusing experience as it felt as if no one was really sure of the process of who was in charge but over the course of the shoot I think that the concept and practice started to gel and the images show a productive shoot, I think that from the experience of the shoot I have gained knowledge of how I would act in the next shoot I think I would take more control which I tried to do by telling the models how to stand and position themselves I would also encourage the fashion students to talk and direct their models more as it helps to have their input I think.

After the shoot I looked at all my shots together I tried to narrow down the amount of images by picking 2 images for each model one full body shot and a close up shot, after doing this I then went into Photoshop to edit some of the images, I found I liked some of the images which had not been edited more and decided to keep some images as shot, once I had edited the images I chose 3 of the best photographs which I felt looked the best and most importantly showed the subject of the scarf enough.

Overall when getting the prints and looking at the online images I am happy with the end product I feel that as a whole because I was not sure of the task at first and unsure of how my photographs would appear I am pleased with result and feel that as a whole the photographs work, I am pleased with the style of lighting I have achieved as I think it lights the scarves which to me was the most important objective.