Degree Show

The initial process of setting up the exhibition  took in total 3 days, due to the fact that we had to clean the gallery down and prepare it for our show coming off the back of the last exhibition  We chose to paint one wall grey this took most of the first day as it took many coats to cover up the old colour scheme. After dealing with the initial process of preparing the gallery ready for hanging we were able to start choosing and working out exactly where we wanted to place work. The plan for the hanging of the work had already been done by the lead curator this made it relatively easy to follow for the rest of the group. During the hanging I was able to quickly hang my work, as it is only one print it was a simple procedure, this left time for me to help the rest fo the group giving me time to help spray paint and prep Genea’s work and hang Josie’s. Overall the process went quickly and smoothly, below is a time lapse created by Oliver Sharpe & Sean Carroll.


Below is a mock up of my final choice of image,when choosing images to frame and print I wanted to be sure that my photographs would have the right impact  coming away from my shoots with Kerry with over 300 images i was wary not to have prints that communicated the same details to the viewer. As all the images from the shoots were all lit portraits similarities were common between images i did not want to produce multiple images with many similarities, because of this i decided to use on image which i felt would be strong enough standing alone. Thinking more about the idea of a single image i decided to print and frame a single still. I have decided to print the image 1m by 73cm this will be life size, for me printing the image life size was key to choosing a single image as i felt the impact of one image of such a size would be more powerful and would allow the viewer to encounter Kerry in the most realistic way.

Kerry Frame Mock UpKerry Hope

110cm x 73cm

Below is a mock up the display I have chosen for my video, when choosing ways to display my video I had two main ideas in mind these were firstly via a computer or secondly via a projector. For two reasons I felt it would be better to display my video via a Computer screen, I feel that by using a computer I will increase the interaction between viewer and my piece, when my work is on show I want to encourage the viewer to use headphones and engage with my piece. Another reason for choosing a computer screen was the fact that i did not want a large projection that would appear bigger than the life size print, I feel that if I as to increase the screen size it would take away from the impact of the print. Overall the main reason for me producing a video was to show the side to kerry as a sportsman and the town in which he has been born and raised.


Aside from the final degree show exhibition in Coventry at the end of May the group are also exhibiting work in London at The Strand Gallery on the 18th June, when making the posters there is one requirement from the gallery which is to place the logo on the posters. When designing the posters we first as a group decided that it would be useful to work to a template which would allow all of us to choose which images from the group would fit best with the poster. Aside from the group posters I have also created my own poster as a possible design, I have tried to keep it as simple as possible allowing room only for the vital information otherwise i feel it could become to crowded.

Awsome Poster

The main emphasis of my poster is on the clean look, i felt it was important to keep it clear easy for a viewer to read, also by using less text and majority of an image i feel it will be more likely to catch the eye of a viewer more so than the writing which i believe is less important than the image as the image is the focus.