So below is shows the layout for the way in which I would choose to display my set photographs from my time photographing Craig, I have chose six images because I don’t want crowd the viewer with too  information along with  audio, also I wanted a small amount of images so the viewer is not rushed through the images during the lopping audio.

Final Layout

Above is the print image layout  and below is the accompanying  audio


So here is the final video that Jack Somerset and I have produced, through the use of images throughout a days training with Craig and the addition of interview audio we have produced this video to show the life in a day of an Ironman.


When producing the video my focus was based around the recording and editing of the audio whilst Jack focused on the editing of the images and final video.

Looking back at this module I am happy to say it was a positive experience, I was lucky enough in this module to have easy links with Craig, the actual process of image making went very smoothly and was easy to arrange, thinking more about this I think that Jack and I were lucky to have such a willing subject. For me this module has provided me with a lot to think about, coming into this module I was very focused on a specific style of work, although I have previously been involved in shooting sports photography this task has given me a much better sense of direction, by choosing to embark on a project based around following a sportsman I feel have been able to find much more direction with what I want to do in the future.

Whilst creating the work I found that working with Jack really helped, as we have worked together before whilst photographing for Rugby it was a very easy working relationship we both bring separate qualities to the job with our own considered styles and throughout our work we played to each others strengths. During the period we spent shooting I focussed on following Craig intensively wanting to be around him at all times so I was able to capture the moments which are sometimes missed , this was key to me showing his expressions and feelings throughout his day. Unlike my role Jack focussed on the use of film to construct portraits of Craig, we did this because by separating what we photographed we could allow much more time to focus on each area of Craig’s life.

Overall looking back at the work I have produced and the experience as a whole it has been very positive, im am happy with the images I have produced and I feel that I have for achieved what I originally set out to do, the task itself has helped me to add another set of sports work to my portfolio, also it had made me want to carry on working in the area of sports where as before I was unsure.

Copyright Jack Somerset

So on Thursday 6th December Jack and I met up with Ironman triathlete Craig Twigg for the third time, unlike the first two meetings this time jack and I swapped our usual camera equipment for some audio recorders. By conducting an interview with Craig we hoped to open up a depth to his sport and life which is not immediately visible in our photographs.

To listen to the full interview please use the video below


Copyright Alex Wierzbicki

Copyright Alex Wierzbicki

The triathlon, a multi event physical test that pushes the body to the end of its limits, the triathlon comes in a variety of distances, the Olympic distance spans 32 miles. Craig Twigg ironman triathlete, competes in the most gruelling and a physically demanding discipline the Ironman Triathlon. The Ironman is the culmination of a 2.4mile open water swim, 112 mile cycle and concludes with a gruelling 26.2 mile marathon. The event pushes the human body to its outer limits challenging the physical and mental boundaries that a human can offer testing the line between what is possible and what is not.

Craig’s season consists of months of minor and major races, throughout the season the professional athletes aim is to amass as many races points as possible. In doing so, assuring themselves as high a finish in the world rankings come the end of the season. Allowing those lucky enough to have qualified in the top 50 Triathletes the chance to take on the infamous lava fields of the Kona Ironman World Championship Race.Through a combination of still Images and audio interviews in this series we will show just exactly what is takes to be an Ironman triathlete. We will explore the physical damaging effects that the body goes through over years of training, the mental boundaries of the human body when the brain is pushed to its limits and the challenges met when trying to maintain a stable Work/Life balance.

So today Jack Somerset and myself set out for another shoot with Ironman Triathlete  Craig Twigg, unlike the last days shooting which was based around Craig’s Indoor training  this time Jack and I set about photographing Craig in his outdoor training environment through a series of portraits below are few shots from the shoot.

Copyright Alex Wierzbicki

Copyright Alex Wierzbicki

Copyright Alex Wierzbicki

Copyright Alex Wierzbicki

Copyright Alex Wierzbicki

This week saw media and communication lecturer Spencer Murphy , the main focus of the lecture was based around the idea of the Four looks within Photography and Film specifically the male gaze the full lecture audio can be found below.

So the main focus of the lecture was based around the idea of the 3 looks these 3 looks consist of the Viewer, The Photographer and The Subject, by linking the loks with the people that relate to the image it is possible to deconstruct it. The 3 looks are made up of the look of the viewer, this look is the one which takes place when the viewer looks at the image, the second is the photographer, this viewpoint of the photographer shows what exactly the photographer was trying to construct, the last look is the subject this shows the subject of the photograph this look deconstructs the way in which the subject has chosen to communicate themselves with the photographer.

I will use this photograph of Boxer Carl Froch by Scott McAulay to try and demonstrate the 3 looks within this photograph.




The first look is that of myself, this look shows Carl Froch because of the knowledge i have i am able to assume that much, it shows a sports person and leads you to make the assumption of him being a champion. The second look is that of the photographer, we can clearly see the photograph is shot low to me this shows that the photographer wanted to display Carl towering over him making him seem more dominant. The last look is that of Carl Froch he clearly wants to display himself as strong and successful, he looks strong because of the way in which he is looking down at the viewer and the way in which he displays his belt shows he wants to show he is a champion in his sport.