So my third task was to build a response to one of Michael David Murphy’s “Unphotographable” taking one of the  posts from the website I then had to build a sound scape using Foley sound effects. For my video I used a variety of sounds and sourced the two images from the Flickr search, all images are marked for commercial use, adaptation, modification or building upon. All the posts can be found in the link below, here is what I have come up with.

This is a picture I did not take of a man in a blue tracksuit walking across a snowy, barren field, carrying a white plastic bag from a drug store in one hand and a 2-litre cherry soda in the other, and upon reaching the middle of the snowy field, the man stopped, set down his plastic bag, unscrewed the cap of his cherry soda and brought it to his lips; a man in blue tracksuit, in the middle of that white expanse, drinking bright red sweetness.



So Picbod is coming to an end, when it comes down to it i’m extremely happy with the overall results of my work during Picbod, i’m yet to receive my finalized framed prints but having seen the prints I know i’m happy with the result..

The module as a whole has really inspired me and given me a drive to really get out there and explore photography i’ve worked out that i can photograph in styles and photograph subjects that i never thought of before whilst linking the work to work that i can use to inspire me such as Tim Hetherington, the constant stream of guest speakers every week and weekly tasks really helped me stay focused but voluntarily wanting to get the work done, i fell like apart from most modules my work has progressed in this module, i’m defiantly happy with the fact i feel that i can say i’ve made work like i never have before and cannot wait to exhibit it.

So I have got the final 4 edits and had the printed to 16×20 size, i have decided to get them framed for the upcoming exhibition that the class is holding, I have gone  for a simple frame i wanted to have a simple black border as all my images are very dark and i felt that anything else wouldn’t sit well, i have decided to add a mount as well i did this because i wanted a separation between the image and the frame i felt the two connected may have not shown the images full potential, the image below is my idea of what i would like in a simple form.

So the group have now secured an exhibition space in Coventry in the basement of Artspace, its pretty run down at this time but we are very confident that it wont take much to give it a good clean and have it ready for our planned exhibition of our Picbod work

Above is a short video that gives you a quick tour of the space as it is now on the proposed route, it gives you a pretty good idea of what its like at the moment, hopefully an update to come after the exhibition.

I was recently pointed in the direction of Idris Khan’s work whilst looking at it i was intrigued by his layered images, recently he has exhibited his work of London, the work contained images of famous landmarks around London i found the overall effect and look of the images much the same as what i was trying to achieve, reading more about the series i found out that Khan uses between 75-100 layered images of the same location taken from postcards, tourists photographs and other sources to create the final image.

After looking through some more of Khan’s work i came across his Rising series and straight away it struck a chord with the work i have been producing of late below is one of the images from the series.

The images below and above are taken fro the rising series the interested me because of the final product that it produced, the images i have been shooting have all been created using long exposures whereas like much of his work these images are produced by a series of layered images but for me the final artifact of my images and khan produce much the same qualities.